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3rd International Basset Horn Festival Kandern

25 - 28 May 2017

Poster Map of Kandern  Video (long version - 9 Minutes - in German)
How to get there Schedule (overview from the broshure)
The Concerts
Thur. 25 May - Opening (Evening) Concert Fri. 26 May - Matinée Concert Fri. 26 May - Evening Concert
Sat. 27 May - Matinée Concert Sat. 27 May - Evening Concert Sun. 28 May - Final  (Matinée) Concert
Reviews of concerts
Badische Zeitung 1 Oberbadische Zeitung 1 Band Journal from Japan

New Exhibit Local History and Ceramics Museum Kandern
The new vitrine (Heimat- und Keramikmuseum Kandern)

Ziegelstraße 30, D-79400 Kandern Tel.: 0 76 26/97 29 955

Vitrine01 vitrine02small
Upper shelf, left: 5-keyed boxwood clarinets, first half 19th century
Upper shelf, right: bass clarinets from around 1860

Lower shelf, left: Clarinet d'amour from around 1790 (oldest instrument in collection)
Lower shelf, right: various parts of clarinet instruments

Left photo:
The middle shelf is reserved for the two basset horns (original find from the attic of the museum). Unfortunately, they are not permantly on display.The two photos below were taken by Achim Holhfeld durching the 2017 basset horn festival, however, for insurance reasons, the two basset horns are stored in the safe at  the city hall until further security measures have been taken. All other instruments are on permanent display!

Right photo:
Dr. Peter Geisler explaining details of the instruments to participants at the Third International Basset Horn Festival Kandern.
vitrine_future vitirne_peter
Photo by Achim Hohlfeld Photo by Achim Hohlfeld

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