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"Baby Bach"
has been collected from pianoforte instruction works written by Johann Sebastian Bach for his students. These include the Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach and the Notenbüchlein für Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Hence the name "Baby Bach". Interestingly enough, these masterful works of art for beginning pianists become more difficult when transcribed for wind instruments. The difficulty ranges from about grade 3 to grade 6.

The pieces included here are:
Aria, BWV 988
BWV 936
BWV 943
BWV 927
BWV 928
BWV 939
Trio to a Minuet by Stölzel
BWV 931
BWV 941
BWV 933
Fughetta in D minor, BWV 899
Fugue in C Major, BWV 953
Choral, BWV 691
Fugue in C Major, BWV 952
Prelude and Fughetta, BWV 900
This last piece comes in three versions: a) basset horn trio (clarinet trio), b) clarinet, basset horn and bass clarinet and c) 2 clarinets and bass clarinet

For all other pieces, the following combinations are foreseen:
Basset Horn Trio, Clarinet Trio, 2 Clarinets and Basset Clarinet, 2 Clarinets and Bassoon, 2 Clarinets and Bass Clarinet

Score of over 50 pages and five parts included:

Part 1: basset horn 1 or clarinet 1
Part 2: basset horn 2 or clarinet 2
Part 3: basset horn 3 or clarinet 3 (treble clef)
Part 3: bass clarinet (treble clef)
Part 3: bassoon

In addition, the third basset horn and bass clarinet parts notated in bass clef are both available free of charge. Just click to follow the link.

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