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die Kegelduette” K. 487/496a by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756-1791). Edited by Thomas Grass and Dietrich Demus.

Comparitive Edition: 1) after the first edition from 1802/03 (left hand pages) and 2) with dynamics and ornamentation by Prof. Wolfgang Meyer, Karlsruhe and Prof. Reiner Wehle, Lübeck (right hand pages)

Photos: Hanno Fendt, Hamburg

Compositor: David Glenn, Kandern

The 12 “Kegelduette” are early works by Mozart which, although very popular, are almost only available as arrangements. Here they are in two versions: The first is the original exactly as printed over 200 years ago, only far more readable and in score form. In addition to this very carfully restored version is a very informative version with many performance ideas by Profs. Wolfgang Meyer, Karlsruhe and Reiner Wehle, Luebeck.

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die Kegelduette“ - Samples

Kegelduett 1st print

Kegelduett nach Meyer/Wehle

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